About Us

We specialize in defending individuals and small businesses across Oregon who are being sued in civil litigation. We have significant experience handling multimillion dollar cases to small dollar disputes. We make every effort to resolve all of our clients’ matters in an efficient and inexpensive manner. However, when our opponents want too much money or our clients are not responsible for the damages being claimed, we believe that a jury is in the best position to decide a dispute. We have never tried a case where a jury, when given all of the facts, has made an unfair decision. We believe that the constitutional right to a jury trial is as important as any other constitutional right.

We respect and admire the Judges who serve in Oregon. They sacrifice greatly in terms of their time and finances. They are the definition of “public service.”

We recognize that litigation is stressful. While we fight on behalf of our clients, we make every effort to treat our opponents with respect. We find that our clients’ interests are better served when we conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

One of the primary reasons for our success is the staff members who are an integral part of our overall team. Each person brings to the table significant talents, which we apply to every case which we handle. Our staff includes the following:

Heather Henderson

Legal Assistant

Deborah Hilt

Legal Assistant